There is simply no way to make the mass export of live sheep over long distances humane.  Sheep shipped off for slaughter overseas face a gruelling journey and routinely die in terrible circumstances. 

That is why, thankfully, the Albanese Labor Government is delivering on their election promise to bring live sheep exports by sea to an end. The Government established an independent expert panel and they are following their advice. The Government intends to pass legislation to bring the industry to an end by May 2028 with a generous transition package for industry.  

Unfortunately they cannot shut the industry down overnight and they need to give the industry time to adjust. We know an end to the trade can’t come soon enough for the animals.  

It is time to show our appreciation for this historic decision because it is rare to see animal welfare come first. We need to support the legislation and do as much as possible to ensure a smooth transition away from this inhumane trade. 

Take action to show your appreciation for the Albanese Government’s commitment to phase out live sheep exports and legislate the date within this term of Parliament. 

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