Dingoes are legally trapped, poisoned and shot around Australia by landholders because governments have labelled this native species as a pest.

We are working hard to expose these cruel killing methods, to protect this native, apex predator.

This killing is done in an attempt to mitigate dingo predation on farmed animals. Our goal is to replace dingo killing with far more effective and humane controls for farmers.

By suppressing introduced predators such as cats and foxes, dingoes help to protect small native animals and regulate our ecosystems. Protecting dingoes also respects their cultural importance to many First Nations People.

New innovations mean we can protect both farm animals and dingoes. Adopting coexistence tools and strategies, such as guardian animals and dingo deterrents, helps ensure that farm animals are not vulnerable to predation. This is more effective than culling and is for the benefit of farmers, animals, and the environment.

Image Credit: Defend the Wildlife and Farm Transparency Project.