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NSW kangaroo exports approved despite grave concerns raised by Parliamentary Inquiry

by Humane Society International,

Federal environment minister, The Hon Sussan Ley, has approved another five years of commercial kangaroo exports from New South Wales without heeding critical recommendations from a recent NSW Parliamentary Inquiry relating to population counts, animal welfare, the counting of orphaned joeys and genuine consultation with Indigenous Australians.       The cross...

Five tips for being an animal friendly tourist

by Rhiannon Cunningham,

With covid restrictions (periodically) easing and international travel resuming you might find yourself presented with the opportunity to take a holiday either here at home or in an exotic overseas location. It’s a thrilling prospect given the challenges of the last couple of years, but in all the excitement it’s important to remember that your holiday itinerary shouldn’t include supporting the...

Threatened habitat listings end the year on a high for wildlife

by Evan Quartermain,

Over the last month we’ve been thrilled with Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley’s decisions to list four Threatened Ecological Communities nominated by Humane Society International! While the fact that the ecosystems are threatened is clearly not good news, these listings will provide the historically cleared and at-risk habitats as well...

Breaking: Italy to shut down all fur farms and permanently ban fur farming

by Kitty Block,

A major win for animals in Italy caps off a year of remarkable progress toward a fur-free future. Today, the Italian Senate Budget Committee approved an amendment that will shutter the country's 10 remaining fur farms within six months and enact a permanent ban on fur farming throughout Italy. This...

QLD Shark Management Plan shows the tide is turning on lethal shark control

by Humane Society International,

Yesterday the Queensland Government announced their 2021-2025 Shark Management Plan, committing to non-lethal shark control in the Great Barrier Reef over the life of the Plan, and laying the groundwork to phase out shark nets and drumlines across the state.    While it is disappointing that lethal shark control will...

UK Free Trade Agreement sets animal welfare challenge for Australia

by Humane Society International,

In a first for Australia, the free trade agreement signed today with the UK Government includes a chapter for animal welfare. The chapter sees the Australian government formally recognise the 'sentience' of animals, an important principle increasingly adopted in modern animal welfare law. It also signs Australia up to a...

Animal welfare organisations unite to help fast-track an end to painful mulesing

by Humane Society International,

Three leading animal welfare organisations, FOUR PAWS, Humane Society International (HSI) Australia and RSPCA Australia, announced today a partnership to work towards an end to mulesing across Australia. The partnership will include regular contact with major international brands as well as numerous wool growers across Australia, in response to demand...

Recovery plans under threat

by Alexia Wellbelove,

Humane Society International is rightly proud of our extensive history of threatened species and ecological community nominations under both federal and state environment laws, however whilst getting a species or community listed is a critical first step, it is not the end of the story.   One of the most...

Governments cannot ignore #TheCowInTheRoom

by Nicola Beynon,

Humane Society International is leading calls to stop ignoring #TheCowInThe Room in the upcoming negotiations at the United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties (COP26) in November in Glasgow. If COP26 is serious about meeting the Paris Agreement and keeping to 1.5 degrees to limit the potentially catastrophic impact...

Ending the export of our loyal canine companions

by Georgie Dolphin,

Despite lockdowns and border closures becoming a regular feature in our lives lately, this hasn’t stopped the ruthless export of greyhounds from Australia in the name of profit. With a staggering 1,313 greyhounds exported between January 2016 and the end of July this year, we’ll likely never know the fate...

Fur Farming, COVID-19 and Zoonotic Disease Risks

by Humane Society International,

Since April 2020, when the first case of COVID-19 in American mink was confirmed on a fur farm in the Netherlands, this zoonotic disease has continued to rage throughout farmed mink herds in various EU Member States as well as in the United States and Canada.   In some countries,...

Australian Wildlife Week: Threatened Tasmanian Forests Gain Legal Protection

by Humane Society International,

Last month, Tasmanian white gum wet forests, which are found in the river valleys of northern, eastern, and southern Tasmania, were recognised as Critically Endangered and listed as a Threatened Ecological Community (TEC) under federal environment legislation. The white gum forests join several other listed ecological communities across Tasmania, including...

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