On 14 March 2024, the Victorian Government announced that the dingo “unprotection order” would conclude in north-west Victoria to protect a vulnerable population of dingoes. They also committed to fund the adoption of non-lethal methods to help farmers protect their animals from dingoes.

This is a big win for dingoes in Victoria! But they still need your help.

The “unprotection order” remains in place in other parts of Victoria, which means that people can shoot, trap and poison dingoes without obtaining any permission from the government, even though they are classified as a threatened species.

Adopting non-lethal coexistence strategies, such as livestock guardian animals and dingo deterrents, helps ensure that dingoes can continue to play an important role in regulating ecosystems, and that farm animals are not vulnerable to predation. This is more effective than culling and is for the benefit of farmers, animals, and the environment.

Take action now to thank the Victorian Government for the decision to protect dingoes in northwest Victoria, and to encourage them to do the same for the rest of the state when the “unprotection order” is up for review on 1 October 2024.

Image Credit: Defend the Wildlife and Farm Transparency Project.