Image Credit: Defend the Wildlife and Farm Transparency Project.

The dingo is classified as a threatened species and is protected under the Victorian Wildlife Act 1975. However, threatened dingoes are trapped, poisoned and shot in Victoria due to an ‘Order in Council’ that renders them unprotected in parts of the state. The Victorian government will make a decision by October 1st as to whether this Order is renewed or revoked.

Thousands of dingoes suffer prolonged deaths in traps or are poisoned in an attempt to mitigate dingo predation on farm animals. Dingoes help regulate healthy ecosystems. There is no evidence that this works, with landholders having to repeat the same culling year after year. They protect small native mammals by suppressing introduced predators such as cats and foxes. Protecting dingoes also respects the cultural importance of dingoes to First Nations People.

Dingoes are killed under the belief this will reduce predation of farm animals. However, new innovations mean we can protect both farm animals and dingoes. Adopting coexistence tools and strategies such as livestock guardian animals, dingo deterrents and animal husbandry help ensure that farm animals are not vulnerable to predation. This creates a win-win for farmers, animals and the environment.

Take action now to encourage the Victorian Government to revoke the Order in Council and restore the protection of dingoes.