Habitat clearing is driving wildlife extinctions. On current trajectories only 1 in 2 threatened species in NSW are expected to survive the next 100 years.  

More than half (29 million hectares) of all native forest and woodland in NSW has been lost since colonisation. Remaining ecosystems have only a third of their original capacity to support native species.  

In the last year alone, around 95 thousand hectares of land has been cleared, stripping wildlife of their homes and releasing over 7 million tonnes of carbon each year – more than every household in Sydney combined. 

When in opposition, NSW Labor said that if elected they would “stop runaway land clearing” and “fix the biodiversity offset scheme”. It’s time for them to act on those commitments.  

Join us in calling on the NSW Premier, Environment Minister and Agriculture Minister to take strong action for nature and reform the laws that should protect NSW biodiversity. 

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