Shark Nets are from 1937. 

Shark nets indicate a 1937 understanding, a 1937 attitude, using research and technology from 1937 to implement a 1937 program. 

What began as a misguided public safety measure to reduce the risk of shark bite, is now a drawn-out, destructive and cruel vestige of a bygone era. Hundreds of marine animals die each year across 51 beaches in Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong and everywhere in between. From September to May 100m-long nets hang as static death traps off our most beautiful and popular beaches. The catch of 9 out of every 10 animals is unintended – far more turtles, dolphins and rays are caught than the species for which the nets are actually meant.  

Not only are they deadly to marine wildlife, but the nets are completely incapable of reducing the risk of shark bite. Nets do not form a barrier to the open sea. Recent research has shown that there is NO DIFFERENCE in the frequency of bites between netted and non-netted beaches. Shark nets provide nothing more than a false sense of security. 

NSW has invested significantly in non-lethal technologies that can actually reduce the risk of shark bite. Drones patrol beaches, SMART drumlines relocate sharks off shore and listening stations can detect tagged sharks. One or more of these technologies are currently used at every single netted beach. Not only are share nets cruel and ineffective but they are redundant. 

It is far past time to move on from the shark nets. Tell the NSW Government that it’s time to ditch the nets for good and bring shark bite risk reduction into the 21st century.