Western Australia is home to magnificent landscapes, unique wildlife, and globally significant biodiversity – from the South West forests to Ningaloo Reef and the Kimberley region. WA’s nature is the envy of the world. 

But the nature we love is in serious trouble. WA’s plants, animals, and ecosystems are facing increasing threats from climate change, deforestation, fossil fuel expansion, industrialisation and pollution. 

Ecosystems are collapsing and wildlife are at risk of extinction.

Threats to nature also jeopardise the lifestyles and livelihoods that are central to the West Australian identity – from family camping trips and surfing and hiking, to eco-tourism. But the places we love are in decline. 

Nature urgently needs strong laws to protect it. 

But right now, with governments under pressure from powerful vested interests, law reform will not protect the places we love. 

Nature cannot defend itself. The best way we can protect nature and WA’s unique quality of life is through strong nature laws. 

Premier Roger Cook and Prime Minister Anthony Albanese need to hear from you. Unless we raise our voices, they are only hearing from powerful corporate players – that want to weaken our nature laws for the sake of their profits. 

Help defend WA’s nature and way of life.