HSI is committed to reducing animal suffering and cruelty globally. All animals deserve a life worth living. Sadly, there are many cases in Australia and around the world where the exploitation of farm animals continues with enormous cruelty and the standards set out to protect them are in desperate need of improvement.


HSI Australia is leading a sheep welfare campaign to end ‘mulesing’, the painful and outdated method of mutilating lambs to prevent flystrike.


HSI campaigns to protect all animals callously killed for their fur, skins, horns or fins for purposes such as fashion, ornaments, exotic delicacies and bogus medicines. We also campaign globally to end the cruel trade in dog meat. In Australia, HSI advocates for the rights of animals to be free from exploitation and abuse in the racing, gambling and entertainment industries, and campaigns for improved farming practices to reduce suffering and cruelty.

The animal welfare issues we’re working on

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