HSI’s work to protect Australia’s animals includes advocacy for stronger legal protections as well as direct response work rescuing animals in crisis. We are proud to champion some of Australia’s maligned species like dingoes and flying-foxes alongside icons such as koalas, wombats and kangaroos.


In 1999, HSI made a scientific nomination to list the grey-headed flying-fox as a Vulnerable species. In the two decades since, we’ve continued to campaign for protections and in 2021 succeeded in our efforts to stop flying-fox being shot in New South Wales. We’re now working on replicating these efforts in Queensland. 


Our scientific nomination program has successfully protected 70 threatened species and millions of hectares of wildlife habitat in Australian law. We continually advocate for improvements to environment laws and for their enforcement.


Our Wildlife Land Trust program helps protect habitat for rare and common species alike on several hundred Australian sanctuaries.

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