The Issue: Animal Exploitation

There is no doubt humans have a great responsibility to the animals in our care. Many of us take this responsibility seriously, and have a special bond with the animals in our lives. Sadly, this is not the case for a vast number of animals in human care. 

Every day, animals across the country are subjected to inhumane practices that cause them to suffer. Neglect, exploitation and violence are a heart-breaking and inescapable daily reality for many millions of farm animals, pets, laboratory animals and animals in captivity. 

Our Solution: Stronger Animal Welfare Laws

By bringing Australia’s laws into line with modern animal welfare science and current community expectations, we can make an enormous difference for exploited animals.

HSI, with the help of our dedicated supporters, works tirelessly to improve animal welfare laws in Australian states, territories, and at the federal level, to make sure they protect animals from mistreatment.

Animal welfare laws should:

  • Recognise the sentience and intrinsic value of animals
  • Be administered by an independent body free from conflicts of interest
  • Prohibit painful animal rearing practices such as mulesing, tail docking, debeaking, and battery cages
  • Outlaw cruel forms of entertainment that rely on the exploitation of animals
  • Not exclude farm animals
  • Require animals to be treated well, not simply outlaw cruelty
  • Be the same in all states and territories, guided by a National Animal Welfare Strategy
  • Require fair, transparent and independent processes and decision-making

These laws should be administered and enforced by independent bodies that do not need to compromise the welfare of animals with the financial success of the industries they represent, like the current departments of agriculture and primary industries.

Since our inception, we at HSI have recognised the key role that strong laws play in protecting all animals from harm, which is why we persist in pushing for law reform in all states and territories and at the federal level.

HSI is also proud to be part of the Australian Alliance for Animals, who in 2022 released their report Building a fairer Australia for animals. The Report proposes a new framework for creating a more balanced and independent animal welfare governance structure in Australia.

Read the Report here

What Can You Do?

Make your voice heard for animals by participating in reform processes in your state and  at the federal level when they arise. You can check out current reform opportunities in the Take Action section below!

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You can also follow us on social media for updates and information on developments in animal welfare laws across the country. 

Want to learn more? Check out our other animal welfare campaigns. 


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