After seven long years of discussions, new Australian Animal Welfare Standards for Poultry have been announced. Significantly, the new Standards finally set a deadline to end the use of battery cages—but not until 2036. 

Up to 55 million more hens could be forced to suffer in battery cages until the 14-year phase out process is complete.   

The phase out of battery cages won’t be enforceable until each state and territory passes its own law to implement the national poultry standards. This means we can encourage states to agree to deadlines much sooner than 2036 when they incorporate the Standards into their own animal welfare laws. 

Tell state governments to do the right thing and legislate more rapid phase-outs of battery cages. 

Do you live in the ACT or the NT? Good news! You don’t have any battery cages in your territory! Click here to take another action.

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