Our approach

At Humane Society International we take a holistic approach, focussing our efforts on four areas to achieve maximum impact for animals and nature.

This is because the threats they face globally are systemic and interconnected.

Our four focus areas

Marine Animals

The diversity of our oceans is under threat. We campaign for practical solutions to threats that include bycatch, shark nets, pollution and more.

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Australian Wildlife & Habitats

Australia’s iconic native animals are at risk. Our conservation work includes nominating species and habitats for protection, advocating for better environment laws and protection from threats, supporting animals in disasters and supporting a network of wildlife carers.

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Animal Welfare

Every animal deserves a life worth living. We work to improve standards of care for farm animals and to protect animals from cruel and unnecessary exploitation in cosmetics, fashion and entertainment.

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International Wildlife

We support projects worldwide that protect wildlife from trade and poaching, prevent habitat destruction and animal abuse, and provide hands-on assistance and veterinary care for suffering animals — including those caught up in times of disaster.

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