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Disappointing: VIC Government renews Order to kill threatened dingoes

by Humane Society International,

The Victorian Government has announced their plans to renew the Order in Council that renders dingoes as ‘unprotected fauna’ in parts of the state for another 12 months. Under these regulations dingoes are able to be shot, trapped or baited on private land as well as public lands such as...

 Iceland will allow commercial whaling to resume

by Humane Society International,

 Iceland will allow commercial whaling to resume in ’devastating rejection of once-in-a-generation opportunity to end slaughter at sea’ Humane Society International says Minister’s dismissal of animal cruelty is ‘inexplicable’ BRUSSELS (31 Aug. 2023)―As news breaks that Iceland will allow the resumption of commercial whaling with the introduction of so-called “improvements”,...

NSW again rolls out antiquated shark net technology

by Humane Society International,

Marine advocates respond by calling on the public to fax the Premier This morning 51 shark nets return to NSW beaches for their 86th year in a row, after a decision confirmed by the NSW Government last Tuesday.   In the days since the government’s decision, there has been public outrage...

STATEMENT: ABC 7:30 showcase brutal reality of Australian live sheep export 

by Humane Society International,

Last night ABC 7:30 aired a story showcasing the callous mistreatment of Australian sheep in the Middle East thanks to an investigation by Animals Australia.  For decades Humane Society International (HSI) Australia has campaigned for an end to live sheep exports, by lobbying the government, submitting to parliamentary inquiries, and...

Government told to stop pretending the shark nets benefit public safety

by Humane Society International,

Humane Society International (HSI) Australia and Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) call on the NSW Government to announce an urgent retirement plan for the shark nets, after they confirmed all 51 wildlife death traps would be returning to Newcastle, Sydney and Wollongong beaches on the 1st September. The decision is...

Government’s Threatened Species Experts confirm: “very serious and increasing extinction risks”

by Humane Society International,

Arcadia velvet gecko (photo - Stephen Zozaya) The Federal Government’s lead body on assessing the extinction risk for Australia’s plants and animals has sent correspondence to the Federal Minister for the Environment and Water Tanya Plibersek, indicating the “very serious and increasing extinction risks” facing our native plants and animals. ...

Over 150 threatened and protected wildlife caught in NSW shark nets in the last year, with majority killed, new data reveals

by Humane Society International,

Data released today by the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) revealed that 71% (162) of wildlife caught in the last shark net season were threatened or protected* species, and 76% (123) of these animals were killed. The supposed aim of the nets is to intercept target sharks, but zero...

Tomohon ‘Extreme’ Market bans slaughter and sale of dogs and cats for meat

by Humane Society International,

Indonesia’s notorious Tomohon ‘Extreme’ Market bans slaughter and sale of dogs and cats for meat in historic agreement   Humane Society International and Animal Friends Manado Indonesia save 25 dogs and 3 cats as Tomohon’s network of slaughterhouses finally close WARNING: This content includes graphic descriptions of animals being killed...

STATEMENT: Agreement to phase out battery cages lacks logical, concrete deadlines

by Humane Society International,

Humane Society International (HSI) Australia is calling on Australia’s state Agriculture Ministers to publicly announce their phase-out timeframes for battery cages without delay, after this week’s Agriculture Ministers Meeting concluded with no state-specific deadlines. On Thursday, Federal Agriculture Minister Murray Watt announced that all state and territory Agriculture ministers had...

STATEMENT: NSW Government invites shark net tenders

by Humane Society International,

ABC News has reported the NSW government is calling for tenders for its annual shark meshing program. You can find the tender announcement here on the NSW Government website.  Humane Society International (HSI) Australia and Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) have both responded to the statement. Erica Martin, CEO at...

Leading fashion and lifestyle brands reject painful and exclusively Australian wool practice

by Humane Society International,

Humane Society International (HSI) Australia has launched the latest edition of their ‘Better Wool Guide’ which features over 200 brands that are part of the growing movement to phase out the controversial practice of mulesing.  HSI Australia’s downloadable ‘Better Wool Guide’ highlights 221 brands available to Australian consumers with a...

Iceland cancels commercial whaling this season on animal welfare grounds

by Humane Society International,

As news breaks that Iceland has cancelled this season’s commercial whaling on animal welfare grounds, global animal protection charity Humane Society International says it is thrilled and relieved at the announcement that will spare hundreds of whales from agonising deaths and urges the Icelandic government to make it a permanent...

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