Wow, 2023 was another big year for animals.  

Whether it be through making a donation or signing our petitions – our supporters helped us make such important progress in our relentless work to protect wildlife, domestic and farmed animals from harm.  

We are incredibly grateful for our supporters standing alongside us on this journey. So I wanted to share our top 11 highlights that they made possible in 2023: 

We exposed Australia’s deadly role in trophy hunting trade 
Our report into trophy hunting revealed that Australia is in the top ten countries when it comes to the number of ‘trophy’ imports from animals including giraffes, zebras and bears, who are cruelly shot for ‘sport’. The report is helping us persuade the Federal Government to implement a ban on the import of trophies from threatened species. Read more.

We rescued cats and dogs from the rubble in Türkiye 
After the massive earthquakes in Türkiye, our staff deployed to help in the rescue of cats and dogs trapped and injured in the devastation. They were even able to help reunite animals with their owners – which could not have been done without our loyal supporters’ generous donations. Read more.

We prepared wildlife rescuers ahead of bushfire season 
We continued to support wildlife rescuers preparing for a potentially difficult fire season around the country, and increased training for our internal Disaster Response Team to be ready to save more animals in times of crisis. Read More.

We grew our network of landholders fighting the extinction crisis 
Our Wildlife Land Trust network of conservation landholders passed 900 sanctuaries around Australia, with more than 70 new members joining this year. The network is now closing in on 100,000 hectares of land supporting our precious wildlife and their habitats. Read more.

We banned the shooting of flying foxes in Queensland 
In Queensland we were able to secure a major victory for flying-foxes, with a phase out of licences to shoot them. The phase out includes support for fruit farmers to transition to more-effective netting for crop protection. Read more.

We pushed brands to reject painful procedures on lambs 
We have persuaded even more brands to reject wool from mulesed lambs, ramping up the pressure for farmers to eradicate the cruel practice of ‘mulesing’ and switch their flocks to sheep that are not prone to disease from blowflies. If you choose to purchase wool, you can learn which brands have made a better choice for lambs by downloading our Better Wool Guide. 

We advocated for greater protections for sharks 
This year we convinced the Queensland Government to stop culling 12 species of sharks. Also with your support, we are getting closer to persuading the NSW and QLD governments to end their shark culling programs altogether. We won’t rest until these relics from the past are gone for good and no more animals die for our false sense of security. Read more.

We championed dingo protection alongside First Nations Groups 
We were proud to support the inaugural First Nations Dingo Forum, where a declaration signed by more than 20 First Nations groups stated that dingoes are a ‘cultural icon’ and killing them is ‘killing family’. We also published a “Guide to Predator Smart Farming” to encourage farmers to co-exist with dingoes instead of shooting or baiting them. Read more.

We made huge progress for an end to dog and cat meat 
As part of the Dog Meat Free Indonesia coalition, our campaigning has seen the notorious Tomohon Extreme Market in Indonesia ban the slaughter and sale of cats and dogs for meat. This year also saw the announcement that South Korea will phase out the consumption of dog meat, which will mean millions of dogs will no longer be bred in terrible conditions destined for dinner plates. Read more.

We protected wildlife around the world, from elephants to tigers 
You’ve once again helped us provide anti-poaching patrols to protect gorillas, lions, elephants and orangutans; given life-long sanctuary to working elephants in India and Thailand; and helped to rescue tigers to a sanctuary where they can thrive. 

We are pushing for stronger nature laws 
You have also enabled us to deeply engage in the development of our new federal nature laws. We are in the room in Parliament for every consultation meeting and are pushing for stronger laws that halt our extinction crisis and bolster wildlife recovery.  Read more.

I want to say a heartfelt thank you to everyone who supported us this year, and wishing you a safe and happy festive season. I look forward to winning even more victories for the animals we all love in 2024, together! 

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