The Issue: Native Animals and their Homes Need Protection

Australia’s environment is facing one of its toughest periods. The combined threats of habitat destruction, drought, bushfires, climate change and more means that Australia’s wildlife is battling an extinction crisis. 

It is clear that stronger laws are required if we want to protect the wildlife we have and to avoid further destruction. 

Australia is not alone in this challenge. A recent panel of experts convened by the United Nations identified the need for ‘transformative change’ to tackle the global extinction crisis. 

Our Solution: Stronger Laws

Australia’s federal environmental law, the Environment Protection and Biodiversity Conservation Act 1999 (EPBC Act), is the national law responsible for protecting our wildlife. The Australian Government has announced that in 2024 they will undertake major reforms to this law to ensure deliver stronger environmental outcomes in line with new National Environmental Standards. This is a welcome but it’s in the detail that we will see whether the reforms will really deliver for nature.

To inform our response to these laws, we have worked with lawyers at the Environmental Defenders Office, we have developed a series of papers setting out the federal legal changes needed to protect wildlife and their habitat:

Key issues from these reports are summarised through our Nature Law Explainer series, which includes:

We are also a co-founder and active lead member of the Places You Love alliance. Through this alliance we work together with colleagues in the environmental sector in support of national environment laws that demand strong leadership from our federal government and empower independent institutions that properly protect and recover threatened species and their habitats. 

At a state and territory level, we take every opportunity to engage in the improvement of environmental decision making, particularly when it involves inhumane treatment of animals. 

What Can You Do?

Sign our petition and let governments know that you want them to address the extinction crisis through the implementation of stronger environmental laws.   

Make a submission to the government’s consultation on new national nature laws.

Donate to support our work (we don’t receive any government or corporate grants and rely on people like you!).

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