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Lori-Ann Shibish and Colin Ingram are the owners of a property situated in Chadwick, approximately 6km north of Esperance, Western Australia. The property is a dedicated wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation site. Lori-Ann and Colin wish to regenerate the land for native species and has plans to establish a trust to protect the property in the future. Lori-Ann is additionally a member of Western Australia Seabird Rescue (WASR), a wildlife rehabilitation organisation and is a licenced wildlife carer with the WA Department of Biodiversity, Conservation and Attractions (DBCA). 

The property covers 4.8 hectares adjacent to the Ramsar-listed Lake Warden wetlands. Vegetation is characterised as banksia woodland, which is currently in the process of regeneration.

The property is home to a wide variety of native wildlife including lizards, snakes, frogs and marsupials. Birdlife is abundant and includes a variety of waterbirds and raptor species.