Wool is a popular fibre used in adventure clothing, but it has animal welfare issues to watch out for. If you’re looking to update your ski wardrobe, we’ve got you covered with the latest edition of our Better Wool Guide.  

Mulesing is one of the most painful mutilations inflicted on Australian farmed animals. The procedure is endured every year by over 10 million Australian Merino lambs bred for wool – and Australia is the only country practicing it. Consumers and brands are shunning mulesing, with momentum building in favour of improved conditions for sheep.

Shoes, jumpers and even our socks can all contain wool sourced from sheep that were mulesed, but we can choose to avoid buying wool that’s associated with exploitation and cruelty. It’s easy with our Better Wool Guide, taking the guesswork out of your shop and helping you identify which retailers and brands are committed to better wool.

Ski season has arrived, so as you pack your bags for Thredbo, Perisher and Mount Hotham, we wanted to share our top ski brands that support better wool and are featured in our Guide The brands below have either already phased out mulesed wool completely, or they have committed to phase it out using robust certification and/or within a specified timeline.

Ski clothing brands supporting better wool:



Columbia Sportswear

Helly Hansen


Jack Wolfskin







Alternatively, if one of your 2023 resolutions is to buy less clothes or buy less new, you can find great second-hand clothes at your local op shop.

More about mulesing:

This out-dated practice is used to protect lambs from flystrike, undoubtedly a terrible condition which can be fatal. Mulesing uses shears to slice off strips of wrinkled skin around the lamb’s rear end, creating smooth scar tissue that’s unattractive to flies, thereby preventing flystrike.

However, preventing one painful problem with a painful practice is not the answer. Through better breeding, farmers can produce plain-bodied sheep without the wrinkles. These sheep are naturally resistant to flystrike and produce quality wool.

HSI has been hard at work campaigning to have mulesing phased out and replaced with better breeding. You can help too and if you choose to buy something woolly, then use our Better Wool Guide which lists brands who have already made a commitment to source wool from sheep that haven’t been mulesed.

Thank you for supporting better wool and an end to mulesing, we wish ewe a woolly-good time on the slopes!

  • If you want to help more, you can take action by calling for legislation to phase out mulesing by 2030 and mandate pain relief for painful husbandry procedures on lambs immediately. Take action here.
  • To download the complete Better Wool Guide, click here.
  • Have a favourite brand you want to see in our Better Wool Guide? Send us an email to action@hsi.org.au and we will be in touch!
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