ABC News has reported the NSW government is calling for tenders for its annual shark meshing program. You can find the tender announcement here on the NSW Government website. 

Humane Society International (HSI) Australia and Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) have both responded to the statement.

Erica Martin, CEO at HSI Australia said:

“The NSW Government committed to reviewing the Shark Meshing Program, so it is disappointing to see the call for tenders going out today. However, we remain hopeful that these tenders will never be fulfilled as NSW further embraces technology that actually does work—like drones which are already being used across NSW with great success.

Each year, far too many marine animals lose their lives, all for the false sense of security provided by shark nets.

“It makes no sense to re-install the nets this year. Everyone knows the nets are nothing but a placebo. Their misguided use does not make swimmers safer and takes a terrible toll on marine life, including endangered species.

“The NSW Government needs to listen to the science and our communities’ cries and end this cruelty now.”  

Dr Leonardo Guida, shark expert at AMCS said:

“Hard-earned tax payer dollars are being thrown at state-sanctioned marine culling that has no scientific basis and, worse yet, fails to benefit to the very safety of the taxpayer. Instead, the NSW Government should keep the nets out for good and put the hard-earned dollars of the taxpayer to evidence-based measures that actually improve beach safety.”

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