Rescuing a tiger is not a job for the faint hearted! But thanks to you, 12 tigers are living a whole new life at the Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand sanctuary.

When I saw the original photograph of Salamas in her cell at the tiger farm, it just broke my heart. Her body was skin and bones with her head appearing too large for such a frail body. And her eyes… her eyes showed not just her misery and despair, but her utter lack of hope.

But thanks to you, there is a light back in her eyes!

She may still be terribly underweight, but to see her lying on the grass with sunshine on her back is one of the greatest images I have seen.

Because of your generosity 12 tigers and three leopards, have had their lives changed forever.

The team at WFFT took the oldest and sickest individuals in their initial rescue and they continue to work to secure the futures of the remaining animals. The animals were sedated and transported in cages loaded onto wildlife ambulances for their long journey. All arrived safely, and these animals are feeling earth beneath their feet for the very first time!

We are waiting with anticipation to see them realise they have their very own pool in their enclosure and take that first dip, and I cannot wait to share those images with you.

Thank you so very much for giving these animals a life worth living for the rest of their days. We will keep you updated on the full rescue of all the animals from the hell-hole of the farm on which they were living and share with you their journey of healing.

You have truly given these tigers a new life. Thank you

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