Georgie has been part of the HSI team since 2012. She grew up on a farm in the UK and gained an honours degree in Animal Science at Leeds  University. Georgie leads HSI’s campaigns on farm animal welfare, the dog meat trade, animals in entertainment, and the fur trade. She has written several animal welfare research papers and reports. 



Why did you join HSI?

I’ve been passionate about animals from an early age, having grown up on a farm in the English countryside where cats, dogs, ponies, lambs, calves, and my rescued goose ignited my love for animals. Since then, I completed an Animal Science degree at Leeds University but never imagined I could work in a role helping animals every day. It literally felt like all my Christmases had come at once when I secured a position with the team at HSI back in 2012, following my dream. 

What is special about HSI’s campaigning? 

The broad range of campaigns HSI champions continues to amaze me, and I’m always learning and feeling inspired by our team’s work and achievements. My role as Animal Welfare Campaigner covers a wide range of issues, and I’m grateful for the variety and incredible opportunities that presents. From meetings with Ministers in Parliament and lobbying efforts to have outdated policies updated, through to our rescue efforts on the ground, saving koala’s following Kangaroo Island’s Black Summer fires in 2020, and last year searching through the rubble after Türkiye’s earthquakes to reunite people with their pets. Not many jobs open the door to so many prospects to help animals. 

What is it that motivates you each day? 

We’re exposed to so much that’s awful which can certainly take a toll, but it only drives us all to do even more to help make a difference. When we achieve good outcomes it’s so rewarding, and being part of such a dedicated and professional team, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be each day. 

Do you have a favourite animal? 

I have two firm favourites. Admittedly I was quickly converted into a ‘cat’ person having shared my home with rescues Libby and Smudge for more than 15 years, my first very own furry companions. Last year I adopted Snoopy as we were both in need of each other, and he’s now clearly the boss of me. My other animal obsession is of course with dolphins. I do all I can to bring an end to the capture and confinement of dolphins and whales including writing my children’s book Dolphin Freedom for Wally and Molly.

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