Cover Image: Nicola delivering signed petitions to lawmakers in Canberra calling for stronger laws to prevent illegal wildlife trade.

Nicola Beynon is HSI Australia’s Head of Campaigns and a lifelong animal advocate. Hailing from Wales, she arrived in Australia with an MSc in Conservation from Oxford University and University College London, passionate about protecting some of the most unique wildlife and habitats in the world.

Why did you join HSI?
I first joined HSI in 1998—25 years ago! I wanted to do my bit to make the world a better place for animals.

What is it that motivates you each day?
Our supporters! They entrust HSI to work as hard as we possibly can to protect animals, and so I make sure that I do. 

What is special about HSI’s campaigning?
I love that we are very strategic and make great use of the law. Highlights have been taking the Japanese whalers to court and winning; winning a case to end the shooting of sharks in the Great Barrier Reef; using international treaties to protect animals from trade in their fur, fins and other body parts; and the millions of hectares of wildlife habitat we have protected in law at home in Australia. Just last week we heard our campaign to end the shooting of flying-foxes in Queensland is going to succeed. HSI gets results for animals!

Do you have a favourite animal?
My rescue dog Milo would never forgive me if I didn’t say it was him. He also reminds me every day to have empathy for all animals. 

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