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Evan Quartermain
’s career with HSI started back in in 2010 when he was hired as the coordinator of our Wildlife Land Trust program. He now holds the busy position of Head of Programs and serves as HSI Australia‘s leader for disaster response. His expertise extends to advising on wildlife-conflict campaigns, particularly in cases involving species such as flying-foxes and dingoes. Earlier this year, Evan embarked on a mission to Türkiye following the devastating earthquake in Antakya, dedicated to reuniting people with their cherished pets. He manages HSI’s conservation properties and spearheads our initiatives in wildlife rescue and rehabilitation support, and disaster preparedness.

Evan in Türkiye with a rescued puppy

Why did you join HSI? 
I could hardly believe my luck when I got an interview at HSI shortly after finishing my degree, let alone when I found out I’d been successful. I loved everything about the organisation, and it felt like a perfect fit. While the role focused on private land conservation, I could immerse myself in all of the issues we campaigned on and learn the ropes from some of the best in the business. 

What is special about HSI’s work on nature laws? 
Something that I think sets HSI apart from the impressive work of so many organisations when it comes to nature laws is how we use them for good while fighting to improve them at the same time. We play the long game through efforts such as threatened habitat nominations, and I’m very proud that we’re responsible for nearly half the submissions that have ended up in EPBC Act TEC listings. 

What is it that motivates you each day? 
The deep injustice that’s perpetuated on animals and nature every day. Knowing there are so many changes we can make for a better world, and that together we can truly make a positive difference. 

Do you have a favourite animal? 
It sometimes fluctuates depending on the last species I spent some time with… but if I had to choose, I’d say wombats for wildlife and dogs for companion animals (we really don’t deserve them). 

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