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The Maples is a 70 hectare property located in Millaa Millaa, approximately 95km south of Cairns, Queensland. The property is run as a beef property by Olive and Reginald Waltham, where they also undertake significant conservation activities in important rainforests habitats. Over the past 6 years, they have planted over 11,000 rainforest trees.

The sanctuary contains a 6 hectare rainforest remnant and a smaller 2.5 hectare re-growth section. A creek running from the southwest corner has been the site of intensive rainforest tree plantings over the past 6 years, including appropriate fencing. The property provides habitat for rare and endemic plants and mammals, as well as an abundance of bird and frog species, and has been the site of important research studies on reptiles, tree kangaroos and plants. Olive and Reginald have re-introduced a number of frog species and plan to continue their reforestation efforts, as well as maintain protection of the remnant rainforest and creek corridors.

The rainforest remnant type is classified as 1B. The sanctuary rainforest remnants are rich in wildlife, including rare plants such as Lamington’s Silky Oak (Helicia lamingtoniana) and two rare and endemic northern Australian mammals, Lumholt’s tree kangaroo (Dendrolagus lumholtzi) and the Herbert River possum (Pseudochirulus herbertensis). Other mammals include the platypus (Ornithorhynchus anatinus), common brushtail possum (Trichosurus vulpecula) and agile wallaby (Macropus agilis). The sanctuary also has a long and varied bird fauna, and at least 8 species of frog.