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Ken and Judy Bailey are the owners of a property situated in Pyree, approximately 30km southeast of Kangaroo Valley, New South Wales. The property is a home, wildlife sanctuary and wildlife rehabilitation site, and the owners have been wildlife carers for over 20 years. Ken and Judy wish to maintain the property for these purposes, managing the land for the benefit of resident wildlife.

The property spans 2.02 hectares, featuring a small, cleared area with the remainder of the land comprised of native bushland. The property backs on to Brundee Swamp Nature Reserve. Vegetation is comprised of eucalypt, she-oak and teatree forest with some native grasses.

A range of wildlife is present including swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor), eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), brushtail (Trichosurus vulpecula) and ringtail (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) possums, sugar gliders (Petaurus breviceps) and native frogs. Numerous birds are also found on the property, and a bowerbird’s nest has been identified.