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Judith Cook is the occupant of a property located approximately 100km west of Brisbane. The property is a residence and wildlife-friendly sanctuary, which has been left untouched so that the vegetation and native wildlife have been left to develop uninterrupted. It is Judith’s intent to continue to encourage native wildlife to inhabit the property.

The sanctuary covers approximately 7 hectares featuring hills and gullies. Vegetation present includes a variety of eucalyptus species including ironbark and gum trees, and the property also has native shrubs and grasses present.

Wildlife species known to inhabit the property include koalas (Phascolarctos cinereus), eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor), and northern brown bandicoots (Isoodon macrourus). The property is also home to a range of water bird species and smaller mammals.