Wildlife Land Trust / Sanctuaries / QLD / Bellarine

Glenda Henry is the manager of Bellarine, a property owned by the Glenva Trust. The property is located in Emerald, approximately 280km west of Rockhampton, Queensland. Glenda manages the land as a cattle, goat and sheep farm, wildlife-friendly sanctuary and wildlife rehabilitation site. She intends to maintain a diverse ecosystem on the block by conserving the land’s habitat and natural values for wildlife.

The property spans 806 hectares and features floodplains and two natural creeks on sandstone and basalt ridges. Remnant vegetation is largely comprised of sally wattle (Acacia salicina) and lancewood (Acacia shirleyi) scrub and open eucalypt woodlands. Livestock is guarded by Maremma dogs.

A wide range of wildlife is found on the property including eastern grey kangaroos (Macropus giganteus), swamp (Wallabia bicolor) and red-necked (Macropus rufogriseus) wallabies, dingoes (Canis dingo), black (Pteropus alecto) and little red (Pteropus scapulatus) flying-foxes and dunnarts. The property also supports large populations of native birds including waterbirds.