Wildlife Land Trust / Sanctuaries / QLD / 252020

Vito Napoli is the owner of 252020, a property situated in Ellerbeck, approximately 180km south of Cairns, Queensland. The property is a dedicated wildlife sanctuary and recreation site as well as an orchard. Vito wishes to safeguard the property’s habitat for the benefit of local wildlife, whilst enhancing the natural values already present.

The property covers approximately 1.83 hectares and consists of open eucalypt woodland with some rainforest encroachment as well as an area of fruit trees. An extension of Girramay National Park, the property provides habitat for a wide range of native species.

An abundance of wildlife is found on the property including southern cassowaries (Casuarius casuarius), mahogany gliders (Petaurus gracilis), flying foxes (Pteropus spp.), striped possums (Dactylopsila trivirgata), scrub pythons (Morelia amethistina), northern brown (Isoodon macrourus) and northern long-nosed (Perameles pallescens) bandicoots and birds of prey.