Statement: Zero extinction target welcomed for New South Wales. Will need off park conservation for success.

By : Humane Society International September 7, 2021

NSW Environment Minister Matt Kean has today announced a Zero Extinction Threatened Species Strategy, setting a 2030 target to stabilize or improve trajectories in national parks. As the nominator of many of the states’ listed threatened species, Humane Society International welcomes the increased investment for conserving species in national parks.  

Humane Society International Head of Campaigns, Nicola Beynon, commented that: “Elevated protection is good news for the species that will benefit from it and investment in monitoring ecological health in national parks is also good practice to track conservation outcomes. However, to truly battle the extinction crisis the NSW Government also needs to ensure threatened species conservation is happening off park in the wider landscape. This is especially so for imperiled species like the koala who rely heavily on eucalypt habitat on private land.”    

Fearing extinction for the koala by 2050 HSI has jointly nominated the koala for upgraded statutory protection as an emergency nomination to Endangered on the NSW threatened species list (nominated with IFAW, Friends of the Koala and the Port Macquarie Koala Hospital). While we very much welcome today’s declaration that the koala habitats are an Asset of Intergenerational Significance in national parks, HSI is also anxiously anticipating the government’s strategy for protecting their habitat on private land.  


Image: Jim Evans

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