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Going camping this summer or chasing the snow? 

by Sabrina Nizeti,

Are you looking to update your outdoor weather wardrobe? Wool is a popular fibre used in adventure clothing, but it has animal welfare issues to watch out for and on this topic, we’ve got you covered.   Mulesing is one of the most painful mutilations inflicted on Australian livestock, a...

5 tips for plant-based holidays: Our expert chefs share tricks of the trade

by Kitty Block,

COVER Photo: Ella Olsson / Unsplash During this holiday season, as I think about how I'll celebrate with my family around the dinner table, I have a special appreciation for the work that our food service innovation team does: This unique team helps people around the world access healthy, delicious plant-based...

Environment ministers make welcome commitments to nature but they can’t be met without significant new funding

by Dr Megan Kessler,

Last Friday we saw the first national Environment Ministers Meeting under an Albanese Government and yesterday was the first budget. So what does this all mean for nature?  The national Environment Ministers Meeting was the first in over 500 days. 500 days during which our extinction crisis has been ever...

Out of date sheep standards a liability to industry

by Martine Lappan,

A national sheep industry survey has revealed just how frequently surgical procedures are performed on Australian sheep without any pain relief.  The results were published last week in the Sheep Sustainability Framework On-farm Insights from the National Producer Survey for 2022, a report commissioned by Meat and Livestock Australia and...

Here’s why the global ban on whaling is as essential as ever

by Kitty Block,

More than forty years since the global moratorium on commercial whaling was adopted, it is justly regarded as one of the most important conservation and animal protection measures of all time. By most estimates it’s saved hundreds of thousands of whales from the harpoon and prevented the extinction of several species and population...

Horrors of Australia’s slaughter files and what they tell us about our animal welfare system

by Martine Lappan,

Recently, over 8000 pages of ‘Animal Welfare Incident Reports’ were publicly released that chronicle the horrendous experiences of more than 4000 animals before slaughter. It’s a miserable read, complete with nightmarish photos.   The fact that these are the tick boxes on the incident report form says this suffering is routine...

California bear injured by arrow is first heartbreaking sign of cruel trophy hunting season

by Kitty Block,

Last week, residents of Arcadia, California, spotted a black bear they were used to seeing around the neighborhood. But this time, something was different. The bear was moaning and was clearly suffering; an arrow was sticking out of his flesh. This is a heartbreaking reminder that black bear hunting season is...

Fighting Extinction This Threatened Species Day

by Dr Megan Kessler,

It’s often said but bears repeating—Australia has one of the highest levels of modern-day extinction in the world. We have lost 10% of all mammal species that were known to exist in Australia in 1788.     It’s important to remind ourselves of this, because the only way we will turn...

Uncaged for good?

by Martine Lappan,

New national animal welfare standards for poultry were announced last Thursday after seven long years of deliberations. Significantly, the new standards finally set a deadline to end the use of battery cages—but not until 2036.  That means there’s work to be done to #CanTheCage much more quickly. Otherwise, up to...

Closing the loopholes on ivory trade—take action this World Elephant Day

by Dr Megan Kessler,

For over 30 years the international community has worked hard to increase protection for elephants and stop illegal ivory trade but, sadly, the job is not yet done. Domestic trade in ivory and rhino horn drives continued demand for ivory which, in turn, puts the remaining elephant and rhino populations...

Minister promises a change to the system saying too much clearing of habitat has already occurred

by Dr Megan Kessler,

You need to steel yourself before reading the 2021 State of the Environment Report. It makes for grim reading. It opens by saying “In a rapidly changing climate, with unsustainable development and use of resources, the general outlook for our environment is poor and deteriorating”. From thereon it doesn’t pull...

Shark Week and the Role of Fear

by Lawrence Chlebeck,

  It’s that toothy time of year again - Shark Week!  And though primarily an American phenomenon, Shark Week inevitably reaches Australian shores through streaming services and what seems to be endless social media stories, plugs, and reactions . While recent years have seen a shift away from sensationalism and towards...

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