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Minister promises a change to the system saying too much clearing of habitat has already occurred

by Dr Megan Kessler,

You need to steel yourself before reading the 2021 State of the Environment Report. It makes for grim reading. It opens by saying “In a rapidly changing climate, with unsustainable development and use of resources, the general outlook for our environment is poor and deteriorating”. From thereon it doesn’t pull...

Shark Week and the Role of Fear

by Lawrence Chlebeck,

  It’s that toothy time of year again - Shark Week!  And though primarily an American phenomenon, Shark Week inevitably reaches Australian shores through streaming services and what seems to be endless social media stories, plugs, and reactions . While recent years have seen a shift away from sensationalism and towards...

Forty years ago, the world did something amazing for whales

by Kitty Block,

This week marks the 40th anniversary of the global moratorium on commercial whaling, a momentous achievement that turned the course for long persecuted cetacean species. Slow to reproduce, whales were nearly wiped out altogether in the 20th century, with an estimated three million killed for profit. I gave my heart to the...

Next on the Government’s to-do list: stop the extinction crisis

by Nicola Beynon,

It has been just over a month since Australia chose a new government to lead us during this critical time for our native wildlife and their habitats. Although we’re already in the grip of an extinction crisis, we now have a parliament with a record number of environment focused MPs,...

CITES 2022: A big chance to help threatened species

by Lawrence Chlebeck,

Every three years, nations meet under the banner of the Convention on the International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES). Each Conference of the Parties (CoP) is a massive opportunity for threatened species of plants and animals to have their trade prohibited or heavily regulated, to ensure the species does not...

For this season’s most fashionable accessory, download the 2022 Fur Free Guide

by Georgie Dolphin,

Momentum for fur-free fashion continues to build and you don’t want to miss out! At fashion week in New York, London, Milan and Paris this year fur was shunned off the runway by more designers than ever before. The list of retailers and brands who have made the commitment to...

5 reasons to be positive about Australia’s oceans in 2022

by Lawrence Chlebeck,

Whether it’s the overexploitation of fish stocks, plastic pollution or the warming of the seas, there’s no denying that our oceans are truly up against it. And yet, causes for optimism are shining through, both here in Australia and across this blue planet we call home. On World Oceans Day...

An election in an extinction crisis

by Nicola Beynon,

This election is happening in the face of an extinction crisis. For Australia to have a sustainable future this crisis must be taken seriously by whoever forms the next government.     Unconstrained by weak laws, our political leaders have allowed an environmental catastrophe to unfold over many years to the...

Averting extinctions: Time for a wildlife revival

by Nicola Beynon,

Imagine if... you walked out at night and it was alive with wildlife scurrying and scrapping, digging and dashing. If you couldn’t go far without tripping over a burrow, and the beam of your torchlight sparkled with reflected eye shine.   Australian nights are too quiet now. When the likes...

Belgian Malinois—right for Channing but maybe not right for you

by Alexia Wellbelove,

The latest movie ‘Dog’ starring Channing Tatum is the talk of the town. However it has many of us concerned. A well-behaved and highly trained dog forms a strong and beautiful bond with their human—what more could you want? Cue lots of people running out looking for a Belgian Malinois...

Yes, puppy and kitten farming are still legal in Australia

by Sabrina Nizeti,

Many people are not aware that all over Australia, except for in Victoria and Western Australia, puppy and kitten farming are completely legal. Puppy farms, also known as puppy factories or puppy mills, are intensive breeding facilities where animals are overbred for a high profit and fast turnover. Many of...

Albatross: unique…and under serious threat

by Rhiannon Cunningham,

Did you know...    Albatross can have wingspans of up to 3.5 metres? That’s the largest wingspan of any bird!    Or that albatross mate for life (and have been known to live well into their 60’s)?    Albatross also spend 80% of their life at sea, sometimes not touching...

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