Georgie Dolphin, Program Manager - Animal Welfare

By : Humane Society International October 26, 2018

Georgie Dolphin is a passionate animal advocate and has been part of the team at Humane Society International since 2012.  She grew up on a farm in the UK and gained an honours degree in Animal Science at Leeds University.  In her role as Program Manager for Animal Welfare, Georgie’s responsibilities include campaign work on donkeys, farm animals, free range food labelling and the fur trade, as well as the operation of the organisation’s true free range program, Humane Choice.                                  

In a previous role Georgie co-authored two research papers, one of which she presented at the International Guide Dogs Federation Conference in Canada in 2010. Shortly afterwards it was published in an international Journal.  Georgie also has a keen interest in dolphins and in her own time she is actively involved in raising awareness to end their captivity, including educating the younger generation through her children’s book.

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