Sharks are a vital part of our ocean environment. Large sharks are the apex or top predators in their environment, maintaining the balance of all life beneath them.

Healthy numbers of sharks are an indicator of the health of our marine environment, with research demonstrating that the massive depletion of sharks that has occurred in the marine environment worldwide has had negative and cascading effects throughout our ocean ecosystems. Simply put, an ocean without sharks is far more frightening than an ocean with them.

Sharks face many threats, with a third of all open ocean sharks assessed as being threatened with extinction.

Research has shown that at least 63 million sharks are killed every year for their fins alone.

HSI works to address a number of these threats and to promote the need for the protection and conservation of sharks both in Australia and internationally.


Did you know that hammerheads are shaped the way they are in order to help them find food? The unique shape of the species’ heads gives them improved swimming performance, increased binocular vision and heightened sensory organs to scan for prey. To make it easier for birthing, baby hammerheads are born with a more rounded head than their parents. Hammerhead sharks are under threat from overfishing, shark control programs and the fin trade. Hammerhead sharks have never been linked to a human death in our oceans.