Two more humpback whales have been caught in Queenlsand shark nets today. The two whales caught at Main Beach on the Gold Coast come just days after the last whale entanglement, a juvenile humpback at Burleigh Heads. It also comes after the Minister’s Scientific Committee recommended trialling removal of the nets for the whale season.

Thankfully the whales entangled today have also been freed but not before they suffered great distress.

The continued entanglement of migrating whales in Queensland shark nets is beyond frustrating, particularly when shark nets are ineffective for public safety. How many more whales must be entangled before the nets are removed?” queried Lawrence Chlebeck, Marine Biologist with Humane Society International.

Every year these whales migrate through the same waters and every year more and more are caught. Some drown in the nets, others will die after the ordeal, and all are threatened for no benefit to public safety. Shark nets do not keep people safe.  They are not a barrier, and they do not keep sharks away,” continued Mr Chlebeck.

Queensland, at the very minimum, must remove shark nets during whale migration.  This is not a new idea, their own Scientific Working Group suggested it back in March and no change has been made while whales continue to go through this ordeal,” concluded Mr Chlebeck.

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