If we are lucky enough to still have them in our lives, the love we share with our mothers is special, and this weekend it’s time to show them what they mean to us. How about sharing your love for animals at the same time.  For some animal-friendly present ideas here are our top picks to help inspire you.


  • Humane Gifts – Our selection of Mother’s Day gifts support a wide variety of programs, and can be purchased from just $30 to support the protection of whales, koalas, giraffes, working elephants in India, or to help rescue dogs from the dog meat trade just has HSI’s work is underway and our team is removing 70 dogs from the 16th South Korean farm. All of our Humane Gifts come with a personalised eCard that we can send directly to your mum!
  • Culinary delight! If you are in lockdown with your mum how about preparing her some breakfast in bed or creating an enticing recipe for lunch or dinner? She may welcome the break, especially if she’s been busy entertaining the joys of homeschooling this week! There are so many delicious vegetarian and vegan options – here are some mouth-watering recipe ideas to help inspire you from the wonderful VeganRicha!  
  • If you need to shop for animal produce ensure you go for humane options such as those certified by our very own Humane Choice True Free Range program, or eggs certified by the Free Range Farmers Association. If you have trouble locating those accredited products in your area, look out for eggs or meat displaying the Australian Certified Organic logo.
  • Winter warmers…with the cooler weather approaching fast, something warm and cosy might be just what mum needs.  If you shop for a woolly for your mum, go for brands and retailers who have committed to stop sourcing wool from mulesed sheep (you can learn more here). 
  • Beautiful inside and out – Why not treat mum to some cruelty-free cosmetics or skincare so she can indulge in some well deserved ‘me’ time this weekend whilst being compassionate towards animals.  You can find out more on our webpage about Cosmetics Animal Testing and use the Choose CrueltyFree List to help you decide what brands and products to shop for.


We hope this helps you with some ideas to make your mum feel spoilt this Mother’s Day, with options to suit every budget as well as showing support for the amazing animals we share our world with.  Happy Mother’s Day from us all at Humane Society International!


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Georgie Dolphin is a passionate animal advocate and has been part of the team at Humane Society International since 2012.  She grew up on a farm in the UK and gained an honours degree in Animal Science at Leeds University.  In her role as Program Manager for Animal Welfare, Georgie’s responsibilities include campaign work on donkeys, farm animals, free range food labelling and the fur trade, as well as the operation of the organisation’s true free range program, Humane Choice.    


Photo by HSI at Cooee Merino

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