Humane Choice

Humane Choice is the certification scheme launched by Humane Society International in 2006 to improve the welfare standards of farm animals across Australia.

The Humane Choice label denotes the animal has had the best life and death offered to any farm animal, and treated with respect and care over the entire course of its life. It ensures the highest standards of animal welfare and guarantees that the animals are truly free range.

The Humane Choice label covers pasture raised pork, beef, lamb, chicken and eggs. Procedures such as mulesing, nose ringing, tail docking, beak trimming or any form of mutilation are not allowed. Sows are never confined in stalls or crates, and transportation is kept to a minimum. The animals live their lives born and raised on pastures where they are allowed to satisfy their behavioural needs, to forage and move untethered and uncaged. They have free access to outside areas from birth, shade and shelter for protection from the elements, and a good diet.

There is only one 'Humane Choice True Free Range' so there is no variation in standards and consumers can have full confidence in the integrity of the product.

1,500 hens per hectare

HSI actively campaigns for a free range egg standard in Australia to be set at 1,500 hens per hectare. Our Humane Choice certified egg producers have a maximum of 1,500 hens per hectare, with all chickens having free access to the outdoors.

Unfortunately Australian consumers can no longer simply trust the term “free range” on supermarket shelves. Our Government has legislated that 10,000 hens per hectare equates to free range despite the science and consumer expectations calling for 1,500 hens per hectare.

High stocking densities means overcrowding. It’s important that poultry birds have room to express and enjoy their natural behaviours like flapping their wings, socialising and perching.

We encourage all consumers to look out for the Humane Choice logo when shopping to ensure the eggs they purchase are truly free range. If you can’t find Humane Choice on the shelves, look for no more than “1500 hens per hectare”.