For the fifth time during this whale migration season, a humpback whale has been caught in shark control equipment in Queensland, this time at Stradbroke Island. The distressing scenes echo those witnessed each and every year during the whale migration season.

Humane Society International (HSI) calls for immediate removal of shark nets in Queensland. At the very least, they cannot be kept in during the whale migration season.

Whales are caught every year in shark control equipment in Queensland. The fact another whale has been ensnared is horrifying but not at all surprising. Every year this happens, and every year we ask the Queensland Government to take out the nets,” said Lawrence Chlebeck, Marine Biologist at HSI.

After four whales were caught in quick succession earlier in the season the Premier and Minister Mark Furner publicly hinted that a decision to alter the program and remove the nets for the whale season was under consideration.

There have now been five whales caught this year. How many is enough? There are more effective, non-lethal strategies to protect both people and marine wildlife,” said Mr Chlebeck.

The NSW Government removes shark nets during the whale migration season, but Queensland insists on using the ineffective and deadly nets year-round.

Humane Society International will be the first to applaud the Queensland Government if they listen to the science take the nets out to reduce the catch of whales and find smarter ways to protect human and marine life,” said Mr Chlebeck.

Photo: Nicole McLaughlin

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