HSI welcomes the additional $150 million in funding for wildlife and habitat bushfire recovery the Prime Minister announced yesterday. Federal Environment Minister Sussan Ley has set out the details for this funding today.

“HSI is encouraged. Sustained funding and stronger environment laws are needed for Australia to succeed at wildlife and habitat recovery over the longer term,” said Alexia Wellbelove, Senior Program Manager for HSI.

“We hope the crises of 2020 will be a turning point for environmental protection in Australia. Now more than ever we know how much is at stake and how easy it is to lose what we hold dear. Australia’s wildlife and their habitats are precious.

Australia’s environment laws are undergoing a 10 year statutory review which is an opportunity to put in place the laws needed to turn things around.

“Stronger laws are needed to turn around current trajectories in species decline and habitat degradation, exacerbated by the bushfires.

Unburnt refuges for wildlife need urgent protection as recommended by the Minister’s Wildlife and Threatened Species Bushfire Recovery Expert Panel to enable species recovery,” said Ms Wellbelove.

HSI has nominated the southern hairy-nosed wombat and two forest habitats in southern NSW impacted by the bushfires for extra protection and looks forward to them receiving it and benefiting from these funds.

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