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After the Competition - What Can I Do?

We want to thank you all for participating in the 2019 Threatened Species Children's Art Competition. We have received over 2,000 amazing artworks with some beautiful, thought-provoking and hopeful messages.

By contributing to this competition, you’ve helped to make sure people know and care about the threatened species in Australia and how important it is to all do our best to save these beautiful animals and plants. We can all play a part in learning more about our threatened species and helping to protect them.

And there is more that you can do to help. 

Here are some ideas of things you can do to take action by yourself, with some friends or in your school:

  • Make a presentation about everything you have learnt about the threatened species that you drew. You could present it in your class, to friends or family, and include some ideas on how people can help save this species. 
  • Look after your local habitats! Organise a day for your school or community group to clean up a nearby park or beach, or plant some native species in your home or school garden. You’ll learn lots about the habitats around you and you might see some local wildlife.
  • Raise money by organising a lemonade stand, cake stall or garage sale – you could even hold your own art exhibition with some friends! All the money you collect you can donate to an organisation that helps protect threatened species.
  • Send a copy of your artwork and a short letter to your local MP or local newspaper. Tell them why it is so important for you that this species is saved. You’ll help raise awareness about this species and inspire more people to help save them.
  • Visit National Parks, Botanic Gardens or Nature Reserves in your area to learn more about threatened species nearby. These places often host activities where you can help with conservation work.
  • Reduce, Reuse, Recycle! Start a compost bin, opt for reusable items and throw rubbish away properly to help fight pollution and create a more sustainable way of living.

The Competition

The Threatened Species Children's Art Competition will be open for entries from the 3rd of June to the 2nd of August. You can choose to draw or paint any threatened species in Australia - you can find nationally threatened flora here and fauna here, or check out the factsheets below for species in your state. If you have any questions or would like to request some flyers to hand out, please email

 Click here for Terms and Conditions.


  • Click here to see a factsheet and gallery for Threatened species in NSW
  • The Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens are hosting two Virtual Classrooms on June 21st, where classes can learn all about threatened native plants and how to draw them! Each 45 minute class is free and can be accessed online by any teacher in NSW. Click here to learn more. 
  • Curriculum guide for teachers and coordinators - this guide can help teachers plan some extra lessons around local threatened species. Please note that it is not part of the Threatened Species Children's Art Competition.
  • Download NSW flyers



Threatened Species in Australia

Australia is in the grip of an extinction crisis. Many of our unique and irreplaceable native species like the bilby, the cassowary, the corroboree frog, the Tasmanian devil, and even in some areas the koala have been driven to the brink.

We're lucky to have some of the most unique and diverse species on the planet, occupying an amazing array of habitats. Yet less than 20% of Australia's land is formally protected, and as a result we have one of the worst records for mammal extinctions and near extinctions of any developed country. Preserving and restoring ecosystems is essential to the survival of all native species and we can all help to make this a reality across the country.

What we’re doing to help

HSI Australia works hard to give threatened native species the protection and recognition they deserve through improving laws and creating international treaties. We’ve helped protect over 70 threatened species including flying-foxes, whales, sharks, sea lions, albatrosses, koalas and platypus, to name a few. Wildlife also needs a place to live, so we’ve worked to protect millions of hectares of habitat across Australia through our nomination program. Our Wildlife Land Trust program also helps protect habitat for rare and common species alike on several hundred Australian sanctuaries.

What you can do to help

Taking part in the Threatened Species Art Competition is a great way to raise awareness about our native species and the struggles they face. Ask your school to take part and help spread the word to your community with flyers and posters. The final exhibitions are open to everyone, so be sure to bring along friends and family!