The Threatened 15: a countdown of our top 15 species and habitats in need of new #naturelaws

By : Alexia Wellbelove September 7, 2018 Category : Endangered Species

Today, Friday 7th September, is National Threatened Species Day, and the culmination of our Threatened 15 countdown. The date commemorates the death of the last known thylacine (or Tasmanian tiger, Thylacinus cynocephalus) in 1936.

Over the last four weeks, HSI has highlighted 15 species and habitats for which our nominations  have gained protection under Federal environmental law. Some of these have been afforded good protection, but as we reach the pinnacle of our list, it is clear that some are being badly let down and all of them need stronger environment laws if they are to recover and avoid extinction.

As a reminder here is our full list of Threatened 15:









We hope that this list has demonstrated the scale of protection achieved so far but also the challenges the species face. It is essential we take every opportunity to assist them in the face of climate change and many more challenges brought in the 21st Century. We must ensure environment laws keep up with the challenges facing the environment, and the 20th Anniversary of the current law is the perfect opportunity to step up to these challenges and look at law reform.

The Threatened 15 is only a snapshot of the species and habitats that are in need of new #naturelaws. There are many more that are yet to be protected and desperately need it, or for whom current laws simply aren’t ensuring their recovery.

HSI remains hopeful that it is not too late to change the trajectory of biodiversity loss in Australia but it won’t happen without stronger environment laws

We will continue to call on all political parties in the run up to the Federal election to commit to new #naturelaws. If you haven’t already please sign our letter to let them know you care about Australia’s wildlife and want it protected by strong new #naturelaws. 

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    Beautiful creatures in their own way


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