You’d be hard-pressed to find an animal as quintessentially Aussie as the wombat – these tough, clever and surprisingly cheeky animals represent everything we love about this country’s wildlife.

Despite this, however, wombats are facing a range of issues that threaten their survival in bushland, farms and national parks. The ever-present issue of land clearing and development threatens their habitats, while licensed shooting, vehicle strikes and the deadly mange disease reduces their numbers even more.

It’s not all doom and gloom though – in fact, there are a lot of ways that you can make a real difference for these magnificent marsupials! Check out some activities you can take part in for Wombat Wednesday (or any day!) 

Wildlife-friendly land

Did you know that over 60% of land in Australia is privately owned? This means that landowners have an incredible opportunity to make a difference for wildlife! If you own a farm or bush block, you can provide habitat for wombats by making wombat-friendly gates, growing native grass species and simply offering them a safe place to live.

To get started, join the Wildlife Land Trust and become part of a movement to save wildlife on your land:

Help to tackle mange

Mange is a terrible disease caused by a mite, which burrows into the skin of wombats and causes itching, sores and infections. Luckily there are medications available, but treating wild wombats is a challenge!

If you live near wild wombat populations, look out for a local mange treatment group and volunteer to help out to help wombats affected by this disease. If you don’t live close, reach out anyways – many groups need help with making equipment and raising funds!

Care for wombat carers

Wombat carers rescue animals who are usually orphaned, injured or very sick, and rehabilitate them until they are ready to return to the wild. It’s a vital job, and also a very challenging one!

Reach out to your local rescuers and carers and offer them a hand – you can assist with maintaining shelters, train as a rescuer yourself or help them to raise funds and awareness online.  

Become an Animal Defender

Some of the biggest problems wombats face need big solutions. That’s why HSI is working to build a better world for wombats by advocating for stronger habitat protection laws, fighting against the licensed killing of wombats on farmlands and helping wildlife carers build and improve their shelters.

You can help us here too by becoming an Animal Defender. Our Animal Defenders help to drive our most influential campaigns by donating monthly and lending their voice to our conservation and animal welfare work.

Learn more here:

Be a Wombat Warrior!

Though most people love wombats, they still face a lot of animosity. It’s more important than ever now to spread the word about these amazing creatures and the vital roles they play in their ecosystems! It’s also important to raise awareness about the threats they face and what we can all do to help. You can take action and send this to a friend to lend your voice to support wombats. 

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