Chance to Modernise Animal Welfare Laws in NSW

Published On: July 1, 2020

The NSW Government has just closed consultation on reforming its animal welfare legislation saying it is committed to safeguarding animal welfare and…

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Yulin dog meat festival went ahead, defying Chinese declaration that dogs are pets not food

Published On: June 24, 2020

Once again, we saw heartbreaking visuals from Yulin, China, in the run-up to the annual dog meat “festival” there last Sunday. A video recorded by…

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World Albatross Day commemorates the albatross – but are we celebrating?

Published On: June 19, 2020

Twenty years ago Humane Society International was at the centre of negotiations which led to the signing and coming into force of the Agreement on the…

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Australia’s Humpback Whales – Back from the brink of extinction, now facing a senseless threat

Published On: June 17, 2020

By Lawrence Chlebeck  Sixty thousand humpback whales have spent the summer gorging themselves on krill, zooplankton, and bait fish in the remote, …

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Dutch fur farms are gassing 350,000 mink, mostly pups, following coronavirus outbreak

Published On: June 12, 2020

The Netherlands is expected to kill more than 350,000 mink by gassing, in a massive cull following an outbreak of coronavirus on fur farms in the coun…

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Cruelty in vain: Endangered Cairns flying-foxes deserve better

Published On: June 10, 2020

The spectacled flying-fox camp in Cairns has a tumultuous history, being subject to creeping destruction and the impacts of construction projects for …

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