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Lake Yalleena Nature Retreat

A dedicated wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation site, also used as an eco-accommodation and tourism site

Chauncy Vale Wildlife Sanctuary

A wildlife sanctuary also used for recreation, education and scientific monitoring

Cherry Top Farm Stay

A residence, wildlife-friendly sanctuary, organic farm and eco-accommodation

Eagle’s Roost

A residence and wildlife-friendly sanctuary 

Lumera Chalets

A residence, eco-accommodation and wildlife sanctuary registered as a Private Nature Reserve

Base Camp Tasmania

A tourist accommodation as well as a wildlife rehabilitation site and sanctuary 

Tarkine Wilderness Lodge

A residence and eco-accommodation as well as a dedicated wildlife rehabilitation site and sanctuary

Mountain Valley Private Nature Reserve

A dedicated wildlife sanctuary and environmentally-friendly tourist accommodation

Huon Bush Retreats

A wildlife sanctuary and eco-tourism village set within a private habitat reserve


A dedicated sanctuary used for rehabilitation, education, agriculture, recreation and tourism

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Wildlife Land Trust

Australia is lucky to have some of the most unique and diverse wildlife on the planet, but our native species and the places they call home are disappearing. The Wildlife Land Trust is a national movement to help landholders save our wildlife by conserving, restoring and enhancing their land.