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Paul Muir and Robyn Price are the owners of Waluma Nature Refuge, a property situated in North Gregory, approximately 31km south of Bundaberg, Queensland. The property is a home and dedicated wildlife sanctuary, protected in-perpetuity since 2001 with a Conservation Agreement. Paul and Robyn are planning to sell the land and wish to find a conservation-minded buyer to continue their habitat protection work.

Waluma Nature Refuge spans 6.025 hectares, with 4.68 hectares protected under a Conservation Agreement. The property forms an escarpment that slopes down to river flats and features several spring-fed creeks that run into gullies and wetlands. The land also features various cultural heritage sites. Vegetation is characterized by a mix of eucalypt woodland, native grasslands and subtropical rainforest, with vine scrub and alluvial lowland ecological communities.

The owners have identified a total of 126 native plant species and over 100 vertebrates including 90 birds, 10 reptiles and 6 mammals.