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Sarah Miller is the owner of Speewah Wildlife Refuge, a property located approximately 35km north-west of Cairns. The property is a dedicated wildlife-friendly sanctuary, and as a fully licensed wildlife rescuer it is Sarah’s intent for the property to continue to be used for the rehabilitation of wildlife, including the rescue and release of native wildlife.

The property covers 1.4 hectares and includes riparian rainforest. Vegetation is typical of sub-tropical, northern Australia and includes a variety of native grasses and eucalypt species.

Wildlife species known to inhabit the property include the spotted catbirds (Ailuroedus melanotis), azure kingfishers (Alcedo azurea), olive-backed orioles (Oriolus sagittatus), brown treecreepers (Climacteris picumnus), and grey (Cracticus torquatus) and pied (Cracticus nigrogularis) butcherbirds. The property is home to a variety of robins and diamond (Geopelia cuneata), bar-shouldered (Geopelia humeralis), peaceful (Geopelia placida), emerald (Chalcophaps indica) and common bronzewing (Phaps chalcoptera) doves, as well as superb (Ptilinopus superbus) and rose-crowned (Ptilinopus regina) fruit-doves.