Wildlife Land Trust / Sanctuaries / WA / Shannon, Gerald and Samantha’s Refuge

Shannon, Gerald and Samantha de Haan are the owners of a property situated in Jandabup, approximately 30km north of Perth, Western Australia. The property is a dedicated wildlife sanctuary and rehabilitation site, and the owners wish to maintain it for the benefit of native species.

The property spans approximately 4.05 hectares and is comprised of mixed cleared land and natural bushland, backing onto a protected reserve. Native vegetation consists of a variety of eucalypts, grass trees, banksias, melaleucas, Geraldton wax (Chamelaucium uncinatum) and various native grasses.

Wildlife is abundant and includes southern brown bandicoots (Isoodon obesulus), brushtail possums (Trichosurus vulpecula), western grey kangaroos (Macropus fuliginosus), emus (Dromaius novaehollandiae), and a wide variety of native birds, snakes and lizards.