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Scott and Donna Geer are the owners of Pepperberry, a property situated in Stokers Siding, approximately 50km north of Lismore, New South Wales. The property is a home and dedicated wildlife sanctuary, featuring permaculture gardens, dams, forest and terracing. Scott and Donna intend to regenerate native plants alongside their permaculture gardens, with the aim of increasing habitat for wildlife, particularly birds.

The property spans 2 hectares and features several dams. Native vegetation largely consists of dense subtropical rainforest regrowth, providing habitat for a wide range of native species. Among those sighted are wallabies, lace monitors (Varanus varius), short-beaked echidnas (Tachyglossus aculeatus), gliders, brushtail (Trichosurus vulpecula) and ringtail (Pseudocheirus peregrinus) possums and snakes. Dozens of native birds and a variety of insects are also present.