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Brett Krause and Sally Densley are the owners of “North of the Tully”, a property situated in Silky Oak, approximately 120km south of Cairns, Queensland. Originally almost completely cleared, the property underwent extensive revegetation and is now fully populated by native rainforest species. Brett and Sally are currently maintaining the vegetative cover and plan to connect the property to surrounding forested areas. They also intend to reforest the surrounding region to create a refuge for wildlife.

Spanning 2.75 hectares on flat ground, the property lies between the Bruce Highway and Queensland Rail corridor, close to the Tully River. The area is subject to seasonal flooding and a gazetted creek intersects the property. A lagoon and drainage system is also situated adjacent to the property. Vegetation largely consists of regenerated rainforest species.

Wildlife that the property is known to provide habitat for includes southern cassowaries (Casuaris casuaris), pythons, bandicoots and native rats. Ulysses butterflies (Papilio ulysses) and willie wagtails (Rhipidura leucophrys) are also among the many species identified on the property.