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Lance Jurd is the owner of Maganda Peppermint Forest, a property purchased for conservation purposes and located in Taralga, approximately 50km North of Goulburn.

A conservation agreement with the NSW State Government is currently pending. Lance’s residential property in Riverstone, North-West of Sydney, is home to a key population of green and golden bell frogs (Litoria aurea) due to a highly successful breeding program for the species which Lance runs.

The sanctuary covers approximately 22.5 hectares of natural bush, the majority of which is open forest dominated by narrow-leaved peppermint (Eucalyptus radiata). A wide variety of rare and threatened native Australian wildlife is known to be present on the property, including gang-gang cockatoos (Callocephalon fimbriatum), agile antechinus (Antechinus agilis), squirrel gliders (Petaurus norfolcensis), alpine tree frogs (Litoria verreauxii), scarlet robins (Petroica boodang) and various microbats.