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Hans and Patricia Margaret Zehntner are the owners of King Fern Gully Refuge, a property situated in Kuranda, approximately 30km northwest of Cairns, Queensland. The property is a home and dedicated sanctuary for wildlife as well as a frog-friendly property. It is additionally registered with Land for Wildlife, and Hans and Patricia are also pursuing a Voluntary Declaration to further preserve their property’s natural values.

King Fern Gully Refuge covers approximately 2.2 hectares and is comprised of 70% remnant rainforest with additional infill planting to aid with biodiversity. Set within a steep gully, vegetation consists of Regional Ecosystem 7.11.1a: Mesophyll vine forest on foothills on metamorphics.

Wildlife is abundant and very diverse, with 33 rainforest bird species present along with pademelons (Thylogale spp.), swamp wallabies (Wallabia bicolor), bandicoots, snakes and lace monitors (Varanus varius).