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Andrew and Jasmine Oswald are the owners of Gumby’s Kangaroo and Wildlife Sanctuary, a property located in Wandearah East, approximately 200km north of Adelaide, South Australia. The property is a residence as well as a dedicated wildlife sanctuary for native flora and fauna. Andrew and Jasmine are wildlife rehabilitators and care for injured and orphaned wildlife – primarily kangaroos – on the property.

Gumby’s Kangaroo and Wildlife Sanctuary covers 5 hectares on flat ground originally used for agriculture. The sanctuary is bordered by high fences and consists of grasslands and native species such as eucalypts. Andrew and Jasmine intend to revegetate the area with more native plant species as well as improve the existing infrastructure on the property.

Wildlife known to inhabit the sanctuary includes eastern (Macropus giganteus) and western (Macropus fuliginosus) grey kangaroos, red kangaroos (Macropus rufus) and euros (Macropus robustus).