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Diane Carter is the owner of a property located in Aldgate, approximately 15km south-east of Adelaide, South Australia.  The property features a newly built house, and it is Diane’s intention to restore the remainder to native vegetation, with the exception of some fruit and vegetables, while also providing a dedicated native wildlife sanctuary.

The sanctuary covers approximately 1.75 acres of land which is at this point mostly denuded.  It is Diane’s intent to restore native vegetation such as manna gums (Eucalyptus viminalis) for koalas and different levels of vegetation to attract a diversity of native animals, birds and insects.  At present only birds, including black cockatoos (Calyptorhychus spp.) and rosellas (Platycerus spp.), have been witnessed as occurring on the property.  The sanctuary is located near the “Valley of the Bandicoots” wildlife corridor of properties, which aims to create a series of linked vegetation and habitat for the southern brown bandicoot.  Koalas are also prevalent in the general area.